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MBC resellers use a slightly modified version of our standard User Store. This document of the Tutorials explains the specific Reseller features.

Logging in

Go to from your computer’s web browser to login to the reseller dashboard. The reseller dashboard should look like this:


Once you have logged in. Your dashboard will look like this:


You can easily navigate through the menu to select the service you want to resell. You can choose to resell websites, hosting, domains, branding, printing or graphic design. You can order multiple items at once.

Placing an Order

When you want to resell a service, simply navigate to the relevant tab and select the service you wish to order. In this example let us say you choose to resell a 4 page website to your client. You will navigate to the “Resell Websites” tab and you will be presented with a few website options. You will then navigate to the “Business Website” section and then select “Budget Website”. See image below:

You will then be taken to the product page where you will find more information regarding the product. On the right hand side of the product icon you will see a product short description as well as pricing options. You will see the full pricing of the item you want to order and for Website Packages as well as Branding Packages you have the option to Pay Deposit for the items. If you charge your clients full fee up front then you will select the “Full Amount” option and proceed with the order. Otherwise you may leave the default option labeled “Pay Deposit” and the final amount upon project completion. See  image below:

Add to cart

To further you will then click on “Add to cart” and your item will be added to your cart. You can add more services in your cart e.g. You can add a domain and hosting as well. After adding each service to your cart you will see a notification on the top of the service you’ve just added. See image below:

You may choose to add more services to your cart by clicking on “MY DASHBOARD” on the very top of your screen on your menu bar and navigate to the service category you require and add another service you require and add it to your cart and repeat the process for all services you will need until you are ready to place an order. When you click on “View cart” you will be presented with a summery of all services you wish to order in this session. On this screen you will see a list of all the services in your cart that you want to order and below your list you will see the “Cart totals” where all your amounts have been added together including deposit payments as well as second payments if you have included services that requires deposit on your cart. The screen will look like this:

Removing a service from cart

You can easily remove a service from your cart simply click on the red (X) before the name of the service on the left hand side.  Be sure to click “Update cart” when you have done some changes on your cart.

Proceed to checkout

When you are happy with the cart items and totals you can go ahead by clicking “Proceed to checkout”.


Once you have clicked on Proceed to checkout you will be presented with a checkout page and you will see your billing details. You may type in more details about the project on the “Additional information” section on the top right. Once you are happy with your order click on “Place order”.

Order details

When your order has been placed successfully you will be presented with your order details. On this page you will see your order number, date which the order was placed, your email address, total order amount and payment method. You will also see our banking details if you wish to make a payment via EFT or ATM deposit. If you need more payment methods such as making a payment with your card there is a link that you can click to see the page with different payment methods for your convinience.

Make a Payment

On the menu bar on the top choose the “Make payment” option. 

You will be presented with a page containing our banking details as well as an “Online payment option” where you can pay using your bank card (masterpass or visa), instant EFT, Pay D, and Bitcoin.

screenshot of payment page.

Manage your account

You can easily manage your account. On the menu bar on the top choose the “My account” option.

You will be presented with a page that will give you a few options on your account.


The image below is your account Dashboard. Here you can navigate to other options or logout of your account.


On this page you can view all the orders you have placed as well as their status whether their on hold, pending payment, cancelled, processing or complete. See image below:


On this page you will be able to download files. See image below:


On this page you will be able to make changes to your billing and shipping address. See image below:

Account Details

On this page you will be able to make changes to your account details. See image below:


By clicking this button you will end your session and logout from the reseller website.

Services Dashboard

To return to the services dashboard you need to click on My dashboard on the top menu bar.

Footer Menu Items

On the bottom bar you will find shortcut links to who we are, our contact page, a link to our press release, a link to our blog and our career portal. You will also get a link to our help center, our terms and conditions, privacy policy and a link to your cart as well.

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